WWH Press is the publishing company behind the award-winning book Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices. This book is a compilation of 70 voices belonging to survivors and a “cancer team” of doctors, social workers, cancer organization leaders, and other professionals directly involved in assisting cancer patients.


Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices - About PageProject Brief & Design

The idea behind this website was to create a powerful experience visually to convey the importance not only of the book itself, but mainly the impact and inspiration that this project brings.

Marion Behr, the artist and compiler of this book created several sculptures to represent the experiences of cancer patients. The design for this website had to be as powerful as the illustrations on the book. In fact those sculptures are present throughout the website, making the experience consistent.

It also had to be simple, clean and straightforward. We spent a lot of time and attention to navigation and user flow, making it easy to order and learn more about the book.


Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices - Order PageOrders and payment integration

The website offers several payment options such as Credit Card, PayPal and purchase through Amazon. I made the collection of data and payment integration with Wufoo, a tool to create online forms. It provides a very easy way for the company to manage orders and generate reports.

The forms are completely integrated with the website making the experience simple and efficient. We also made the entire website secure with an SSL certificate, providing safe browsing for users.


Mobile version

Mobile version

The site features a complete mobile version designed for touch. The forms are also optimized for mobile devices, allowing a better experience for purchasing.



I’ve been offering on-going support for this project. Since inception the book received three awards and we’ve added new areas and features, such as the Press page and social media buttons. We continue to improve and update the overall experience and content.


Client satisfaction

“Fabio has a wonderful design sense, is patient and determined to do a job, beyond want a client can even anticipate. I not only recommend him to others, but hope to go to him for any work of this type that I would have in the future. He is a real find!”

— Marion Behr (Owner WWH Press)