Simulaçã is a web portal that provides high-quality content about the simulation industry. It features a series of articles, references, software, cases, video tutorials and information about events and contests.


Simulação.netFrom Joomla to WordPres

For this project we migrated the entire content from the previous version — made with the CMS Joomla — to a new install based on WordPress.

All the features from the previous version were kept and new ones were also introduced. One small, but powerful addition is the ability to sort tables based on specific columns, for every page that offers a large list of items. This makes it easier to look and find for specific content.

We also decided to create a responsive layout to improve the experience on mobile devices. UI elements are optimized to allow better navigation and usability on smaller screens.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.39.57 PMMembers and content submission

The website allows users to create accounts and submit content. There’s a team of administrators and reviewers that approve content before final publishing.


After the new platform was installed,  I made several video conferences with the teams in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to show them how to update and manage content using WordPress. We developed a workflow to control and review user content submissions and files.