The International Student Center (ISC) at San Diego State University (SDSU) provides services for 2000+ students from around the world seeking educational opportunities. It also serves SDSU students seeking opportunities in other countries, through the Study Abroad Office. The ISC offers a full range of programs and services to foster student success, global perspectives, intercultural awareness and international good will.

As a web designer assistant at the International Student Center, I’ve worked in several projects:

  • Continuous updates to the main website, orientation landing pages and the Study Abroad office website.
  • Design of web forms to collect student data with integration to online services and payments.
  • Development of a weekly HTML newsletter with events and programs organized by the ISC.
  • Graphic design pieces for printed materials (flyers, banners) and web pages.


International Student Center - SDSUContinuous Updates

The ISC organizes several events and programs for students. Every week I was responsible for updating the website’s content with new workshops, lectures, campus events, just to name a few.

I revamped the homepage layout to highlight new and important topics such as The International Coffee Hour, meetings about immigration regulations, The Aztec Nights, International bloggers, news sources, The Peer Mentor Program and more.

I created a full map chart for the website, re-organized the content when appropriate and produced documentation about new workflows and processes.


Pre Arrival Form - Orientation 2015

International Orientation Spring/Fall 2015

I worked along side the director, the program coordinator and the team of advisers to create a new system for immigration check-in. We developed an entire new workflow to allow paperless submission of information before students arrived from other countries.

This new system was built using Wufoo, an online tool to create web forms. We also worked on a system for passport copy and pick-up once students arrive on campus for Orientation. These two systems allowed for a much faster and efficient check-in process.


In the Know

Weekly E-mail Newsletter

The ISC sends out a weekly HTML newsletter for a database of 2000+ international students. I worked with the university’s communications department and the program coordinator to transition the newsletter into a brand new responsive layout.

The newslettter named “In The Know” contained information about new and important events happening inside and outside the university. I was responsible for gathering all information needed, editing the code and producing attractive images for each topic.

Moreover, I developed specific e-mails to communicate with students and professors, promote study abroad events and notify new students about orientation schedules.


Graphic Design

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.02.22 PMI was responsible for the design and creation of several graphic pieces made for print and online communications: flyers, banners, cards and custom made images.

These pieces were mainly designed to promote events and programs such as The Peer Mentor Program, Lunar New Year, Study Abroad events, graduation invitations and a handbook for new exchange students.

These were made using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I worked closely with the communications department to maintain layout, brand and color consistency throughout the online and print experiences.